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Commission Artwork

I'm ready to bring your photos, memories, and ideas to life! Please take a look at the examples below for pricing. I specialize in graphite (black and white/pencil), colored pencil, and digital illustrations. I also enjoy doing graphic designs for various uses. Details regarding terms/conditions, etc. are listed below along with a place to submit question/comments. Let's talk about your idea!

Commission Artwork
One (1) person, graphite portrait

Wedding Portrait
Sam & Callie
Commission Artwork
Two (2) people, graphite portrait


Each additional person +$75
(ex: three (3) people - $250)
Commission Artwork
Graphite Pet Portrait
One pet

$100 (+$75 for each additional pet, +$75 for each additional person with pet, i.e., $175 for 1 person, 1 pet)
Mark Hollis Such a Shame Dice
Commission Artwork
One (1) person, colored pencil portrait

Wedding Colored Pencil
Commission Artwork
Two (2) people, colored pencil portrait
(basic background included, similar to example above)


Each additional person +$100 (ex: three (3) people - $350)
Vintage Pinky
Kate Bush
Commission Artwork
One (1) person, digital illustration portrait, 
HD file sent via email

From $50~ depending on complexity
Card_For_Kintaro 2.png
Commission Artwork
Two (2) people, digital illustration portrait, HD file sent via email

From $75~ depending on complexity

Each additional person +$30
Commission Artwork
One (1) pet, digital illustration portrait,
HD file via email

From $50~ depending on complexity

Each additional pet +$25

Person + pet : $80

Other illustrations: (Social media/branding, logos, stationery, invitations, cartoons, wedding cards, Christmas cards, other graphic designs, etc.)

  • Starting from $25 – Please contact me for more details! I welcome you to reach out to consult about your project!

Terms & Conditions (Please read everything!) 

Art Size: Colored pencil and graphite drawings will be done on 9x12" paper by default, with at least 1" spaces around the border for framing purposes. If you would like a smaller size, please let me know when you first reach out. Digital art will be drawn in a high resolution and sent as a PNG via email or Google Drive. 

Shipping: For graphite/colored pencil-- original artwork will be shipped from JAPAN. Shipping cost is not included in prices above. Shipping starts from $40 USD to most countries. Please consult for details. (No shipping cost for digital artwork because the final artwork will be sent via email or Google Drive) EMS shipping is usually fast and delivers within 2 weeks; however, due to Covid-19-related delays, I cannot guarantee a delivery date. I will give you the tracking number the day of shipment via email/PayPal. 

Payment: All prices in USD. Prices subject to change at any time. Full payment due before starting the artwork via Paypal. I will send you an invoice once we have agreed on the project. I do not accept Cashapp, Venmo, or other payment methods at this time.


Timing: I work a full-time job on top of commissions, so please allow several weeks or more for your illustration. I only have a couple slots available per month, so please reach out well in advance of when you need the portrait. I will let you know when I expect your project to be done when payment is clear and photo references are received. Please consult before payment if you need a rush order (+$50 for every week earlier than what is available in my calendar). Once payment is received and I have started the project, cancellations / refunds / returns are not allowed. 

Photo references: Please send clear photo references of what you want me to draw. High resolution photos would be best. Smartphone pictures are usually fine as long as they are not screenshots. If it is a physical photo, please take a photo of it with your phone or scan it.

For an example, if you want a portrait of your parents from their wedding and it's in a glass frame, please do your best to take a photo of it out of the frame, or at least a clear smartphone photo with no glare/blur. I have the right to refuse a reference photo if it is not clear enough. 

If you do not have a clear enough reference photo, please consult with me anyway as I can usually do my best to sharpen and clear up the image. 

Other: You will receive rights to use photos in any way you want—you have permission to make your own prints, post on social media, use for business cards, etc. You will receive the original artwork. I do not give permission to sell goods or prints of my artwork without my permission.

Please reach out with any questions beforehand! 

Let's get in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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